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Social Media Marketing Tips For Small business


SMM is a business strategy that uses social sites to promote products and services and build awareness around a brand using paid or organic traffic. Social Media is abuzz today and is rapidly growing by the day. 

Marketing on social media platforms is the most efficient and empowering way to help your brand nurture and gain discoverability from potential customers. 

Social media marketing strategy involves content bucketing: laying down a content strategy for your TG for various social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Depending upon the brand’s goals and audience, one can curate a social media content plan to promote your brand. Along with social media content, email marketing for retargeting customers, SMS marketing, display advertising.

Social Media Marketing Tips to stay ahead of the curve

Lay down your marketing goals

This is a no brainer! It is pivotal to have your business goals figured out. Designing a social media plan would be like pointing an arrow in the air. Type down your business goals. For example: gaining traction, boosting sales conversion, and making your brand visible. Make sure you draft goals that are practical and measurable using analytics. 

Know your customers and their geographical sphere

The target market is at the heart of any marketing and advertising plan. If you know who you are catering to, their buying patterns, their culture, and their geographical location. This will help you promote your business towards the right group of people. As a result, you gain more sales and traction. 

Not going socially awkward:

Once you know what your business goals are and who you are catering to, the next step would be identifying where to find them. Each social media platform has different kinds of audiences. LinkedIn would have more working professionals. Instagram may have a mix of millennials and advanced age groups ranging from ages 18 to 40. Twitter is a star-studded affair altogether. Facebook has acquired almost everyone ranging from professionals to housewives and students. 

Tons of research

Before you dive into any market it is important to see what is trending in the market. You can use tools like Google Keyword search to know what people are looking for on the internet. 

Another hack is to check sites like Quora and Pinterest to see what people are talking about. 

You can also directly search your competitor’s social handles and check what they are posting about. Apart from this, promote topical content on social media and publish festival greeting posts.


AIDA is a marketing model/hack to get into your customer’s head and convince them to buy your product or subscribe to your service. 

AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

While designing content for your audience, you can use the AIDA marketing hack. Through AIDA, you will grab your customers’ attention and increase their interest in your product by making them desire it. This, in turn, will create your call-to-action or CTA.
For example, you may grab someone’s attention by introducing this product that might help them impress someone. At the end of the copy, you also input a sentence or two persuading them to buy it– your CTA.

Mark your dates with a social media calendar

Planning your social media calendar is helpful. You can make use of content buckets such as Promotional, Product-related, Entertainment, and Educational.

Afterward, you can create a social media content calendar that will organize your collaborative efforts with your team. It is also essential in ensuring that you publish content in a timely manner.

Keeping up with social media

Social media is dynamic. It is ever-changing. Different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest incorporate and introduce new tools all the time. 

Instagram introduced Reels, a 15-second video format that recently took social media by storm. Using these tools will inevitably add to the discoverability of your brand!

Narrate your brand, don’t just sell it:

You can weave a brand story around your products. Having a relatable product is a huge plus for your business. Brand storytelling adds that humanizing effect on your products. Videos help your brand skyrocket by making it more engaging and appealing to your consumers. These include influencer marketing videos, behind the scenes videos, ad campaigns, and many other strategies.

Post content regularly

Consistency in brand building is a must. When you post content about your brand, chances are that your subscribers won’t lose interest. This will help you create a loyal customer base.

People lose interest quickly. If you do not publish regularly, they will move on to other brands that get their attention.

The right keywords are the key to organic traction

Identify the right keywords to know what your customers are searching for. Be specific in your keyword selection so that your customer will be able to discover your brand. There are many free and paid tools that will help make Keyword research easier to do!

As a side note, remember not to stuff keywords just for the sake of having them. make your content as natural as possible. Focus on your readers and not the technicalities and algorithms placed by Google.

Engage with your customer 

Traditional advertising and marketing strategies are mostly one-sided communication tactics. In recent years, engagement with your audience through contests, promotional posts, and AMAs can go a long way. They help you know more about your customers and it also helps them relate better to your brand. Being open with your communication can also potentially increase their trust in your brand!

social media

Measure your success

To understand what’s right and what’s wrong for your brand, it is vital to measure how your posts are doing on social media. How many viewers viewed it, how many viewers saved your post, likes on your post, and lastly the sales conversions that happened through all the social media platforms. This can be achieved with analytics. This helps you gain consumer insights.

“Which products were well-received’’

‘’How many people left products in their cart’’

‘’Which time of the day are your customers more active on social media’’

When running a digital business, it is important to have a solid understanding of social media. This will enable you to promote and market your products well. To advertise and market your brand well, planning a 360-degree social media plan may seem like a huge task but the fruits are worth it.

With these social media marketing tips, you can create your strategy for social media marketing, even if you are a business who’s just starting.

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