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Best times to post on TikTok and make money


In this article, I want to talk to you about the best times to post on TikTok and make money on your TikTok account. As you already know, TikTok is the most used social media platform in 2021.

 Table Of Contents

  1. How can you make money on TikTok?
    • Advertise Other People’s Profiles
    • Paid Administration of Other Accounts
    • Earn Money From Songs
    • Monetizing Lives Through Advertising
    • Earnings From Live Donations
    • Taking Orders For Original Congratulations
    • Collaboration With Other Tiktokers
    • Closed Chat Promotion
    • Earnings From Affiliate Programs
  2. Which are the best times to post on TikTok?

The social network TikTok, which appeared in 2016, was perceived in the first year as an entertainment platform.

Today, over 800 million users worldwide are registered in the app. Moreover, the social network is used not only for entertainment, but also to make money, young people giving direct proof that creativity can be monetized even on social networks.

TikTok does not have an official affiliate program, such as YouTube, where you receive pay-per-view. 

Previously, there was an unofficial one, when the top bloggers received a personal offer from the social network, concluding an agreement with TikTok and granting them bonuses for viewing.

The bonuses could then be converted into real money. But since January 2020, TikTok has stopped this program.

Below, I have put together the best-earning schemes that will teach you how to make money with TikTok

Regarding the exact amounts of earnings, it is impossible to collect statistics on how much beginners earn. However, some users manage to earn $1300 with only 10k followers.

If you have any concerns or questions about your possible income, feel free TikTok’s Money Calculator.

How can you make money on TikTok?

TikTok monetization is a common option for earning extra and even basic income. In addition to that, TikTok has already surpassed Instagram and YouTube in terms of a number of users.

The cost of a TikTok advertisement is constantly rising. Within 1-2 years, it is assumed that the price of a publication in the profile of a millionaire blogger will exceed the amount of $11,000.

Quality content is the main element of making money. Before you can earn money in TikTok, you must:

  • Determine your niche 
  • Work on high-quality videos
  • Build an audience

Only after completing the profile, you should think about generating money.

The main income comes from advertising, shows, collaborations. At the same time, a paid transmission can be made even with 1000 subscribers.

Now let’s talk in detail about the most creative ideas to make money from TikTok.

Advertise Other People’s Profiles


Advertising is the main source of income for big tickers. The essence of advertising earnings is simple: a blogger shoots a video, marks the profile of the advertiser and receives his commission.

Such advertising helps advertisers expand their audience and attract new subscribers. As a result, the price of their own services increases.

Usually, other users go independently to the tiktokers from which they want to buy advertising. The cost of an advertising video for beginners starts at $4.

If users collaborate with brands, they may even receive $200,000 per post if they promote a particular product.

Know that an advertisement from a blogger with over 15 million followers will cost the applicant at least $700.

You can advertise to others on your profile an unlimited number of times. Therefore, for more money, I recommend you to publish your offers on several TikTok profiles simultaneously.

Paid Administration of Other Accounts

make money on internet

Many bloggers who have already promoted their profile on Instagram or other social networks are aware of the need to promote on TikTok as well. But working with multiple pages at the same time is difficult.

Therefore, bloggers choose their assistants among other users, being willing to pay them for:

  • Keep your profile on TikTok: add content regularly, edit videos, participate in challenges on behalf of the blogger

  • Content help: you will make descriptions for videos, you will prepare technical specifications for videographers, photographers, etc

  • Promote profile: you will search for promotion channels and attract a new audience

TikTok can work in two directions: content manager and administrator.


This earning scheme can bring in at least $250 from a single account.

An administrator or content manager can manage multiple accounts at once. Each SMM specialist forms their to-do list independently.

At the same time, the SMM specialist can sell his services separately: only the analysis of the target audience, the development of a content plan, the creation of technical specifications, etc.

Earn Money From Songs

Remember that TikTok was created for creative young people. And musicians are no exception.

Lots of videos shot for the same song make users listen to it in its entirety.

As a result, the recognition of the popularity of singers and music groups is increased.

Little-known singers are ready to pay tiktokers for videos recorded with new songs from $5 to $10.

Monetizing Lives Through Advertising


The first thing that comes in mind when answering the question of how to implement creative ideas to make money from TikTok are live broadcasts.

You can start a live stream after at least 1000 users subscribe to your profile.

If on Instagram the broadcasts are fun and are used to interact with the audience, then on TikTok this is one of the main types of income for novice bloggers.

There are two ways to generate money from live broadcasts: product advertising and donations.

In the first case, you can promote both your offers and the products of advertisers. For such advertising to be effective, several rules must be followed:

  • Advertising should be natural
  • Interaction between you and your viewers

Such rules apply to the advertising of both your product and the advertiser’s product.

You can also look for companies that are ready to entrust you with the promotion of their product directly on the social network.

Earnings From Live Donations


The second option – how to win on TikTok through live broadcasts – is to collect donations.

I have placed it separately because you must understand it in detail…

Donations are an internal virtual currency that are stored in the Wallet. Any user can buy 100 coins and can use them as gifts for those who broadcast live content.


The broadcaster receives stickers in his account and can withdraw 80% of their value.

So, once a person receives a virtual gift, the gift is turned into diamonds. Its value is variable and can never be purchased: the only way to get them is through donations from followers.

The Diamonds program is the one that allows you to exchange diamonds accumulated in cash and cannot be transferred to another person. The minimum withdrawal amount is $10.

In addition, there is a maximum number of diamonds per week that can be converted to US dollars and will be transferred by TikTok to the user’s Paypal account.

It is very important that the user’s first and last name exactly matches the information in the PayPal account!

The price of coins varies if you use Android or if you are on iOS, which is a bit more expensive.

Once purchased, the coins cannot be returned or exchanged for cash. Keep that in mind!

Sending donations is a common way to make money among tiktokers.

Most donations are received by bloggers who broadcast online games, followed by those with interesting reviews, funny shows and useful tips.


It is simply useless to broadcast up to 5,000 users live. Tiktokers who earn from donations have a vast live audience.

Taking Orders For Original Congratulations

To start accepting greeting requests, all you have to do is make a proper announcement via hashtags. So, a user interested in this service can find you using such search words.

Video cards are welcome in the form of:

  • Personal songs
  • Poems
  • Funny videos.

Even a beginner with 1000 subscribers can start earning money through video cards.

If you are interested in how much money you make from TikTok in this way, know that the maximum cost of a video is $6.

Each tiktoker has its own unique style of greeting cards.

You can earn bigger amounts in TikTok starting with 10 thousand subscribers.

Collaboration With Other Tiktokers

Another creative idea to make money on TikTok is to collaborate with other tiktokers.

If you already have 10k subscribers, you can make a commercial offer to bloggers with 5k subscribers.

Collaborations consist of sharing videos together and tagging the blogger.

These particular videos help users develop their subscribers so they can start capitalizing on their creative endeavors.

Closed Chat Promotion


Closed chats are considered a profitable way to earn money through promotion. They work according to the standard scheme:

The founder of the future chat creates it in the form of a separate profile, group, or dialog and actively sends invitations to a paid chat entry to the beginner but active TikTok users.

Users who are interested in joining the chat activity pay to enter it. Upon receipt of payment, the founder opens access to the TikTok chat.

Such a chat is similar to LikeTime. In order to gain appreciation and views, the user must appreciate and watch the videos of other participants in the conversation.

So, the task of the founder is to form a group of tiktokeri with approximately equal statistics and to ensure that each user meets the conditions of the chat.

Costs for entering into such a conversation starts at $2. The average number of users in a chat is 20-30 people. But if you have 100k followers, you can fee a $50 tax entry.

An unlimited number of chats on various platforms are available for each founder. You can hire a manager if you do not have time to check the rules.

Which are the best times to post on TikTok?

First, I want you to understand that TikTok’s Algorithm works like this: when a video is very engaged and has a lot of likes and comments, it appears on the “For You” page.

Remember that, as a TikTok user, to figure out which are the best times to post on TikTok you need to do some “Post Testing”.

When you create a TikTok video and people are not engaging with it, it is very unlikely that you will manage to get somewhere with that video.

But, if your video is watched with pleasure by people, you have to take into consideration when you should post it. Therefore, you need to know which are the best times to post on TikTok, as well as to make some money.

I suggest you should post 1-2 videos daily. And try to get the highest engagement possible on each video. So, make sure those videos are very, very good!

A study showed that the best times to post on TikTok are between 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. I tend to disagree with that…Do you want to know why?

Because it’s YOU who create the best times to post on TikTok by grabbing a moment and making it the best. Find the best times and make them the best!

Also, please consider knowing very well where your “audience ” is located. This influences your content’s engagement rate very much. But please keep in mind that, with proper work, you can create even a global audience.

So, tell me, which are your best times to post on TikTok?

How do you make money on TikTok?

If you liked this post share it so your friends can find out how to make money on TikTok and when to post their content for the best results!

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